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Communicate: Raúl Lopez Garcia (Mexico) by The Random Project

Communicate: Raúl Lopez Garcia (Germany)


Raúl Lopez Garcia was born in Mexico City and is now based in Stuttgart, Germany.
His word is: Communicate.

1. How did you hear about the Random Project?  Through 2. What is your ‘day job’?  Graphic designer.  3. What did you think when you first received your word? That’s easy to visualize. 4. How did this become your design? Dial a Ride is a very helpful London Transport service for disabled and to call someone is the easiest way to hold a communication, sometimes easier than face to face, people are concentrated in only two senses and if you’re lucky you can even be heard!  5. What media did you use? Acrylic on canvas is the original painting, for the Random Project I made a collage photo and painting.

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