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The new website is live, please spread the word by tweeting, Facebooking or linking to this post as we’d like to invite everybody to get involved.

The Random Project 2012 showcases a growing collection of postcards which are created by everybody. These celebrate the spirit of London 2012 and enable us to visually document the shared cultural experience as the year unfolds – we will all become the artists-in-residence for a historic year.

The project is open to everybody to take part in; from artists to school children to athletes. Each postcard is designed in response to a randomly assigned word relating to either 2012, London or the Olympics.

Contributors to the project have included my mum, Ed Fella, Stefan Sagmeister, Ralph Steadman, Alan Kitching, Alan Rickman and Isabelle aged 7 to name just a few.

If you would like to join in and create a postcard please email with a number between 1 and 100. You will be sent your word along with full instructions. (Please be patient, we’ll send your word very soon but we don’t have clever robots automatically sending these out for us).

The Random Project 2012 will run for most of 2012 and we’ll be adding new postcards as we receive them. They will be exhibited in the virtual gallery wesite and an exhibition will be planned later in the year.

Check out or follow us on Twitter @randomproject for updates and news.

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