THIS WEEK “Brits go to the Oscars”

Win: Zoë Daniels Ceremony: Niusia Winczewski
Celebrity: Sarah Hyndman Tradition: Ana Tiburtius   Camera: Mr Hope Mirror: GayleHome: Sarah Hyndman  Ceremony: Marnie Taylor2 Gold: Susu Koch Ceremony: Anne-Louise Quinton Camera: Irena Czumaj-Szesny (USA)
Win: Zoë Daniels / Ceremony: Niusia Winczewski/ Celebrity: Sarah Hyndman / Tradition: Ana Tiburtius / Camera: Mr Hope / Dream: Gayle Hendricks / Dream: Sarah Hyndman / Ceremony: Marnie Taylor / Gold: Susu Koch / Ceremony: Anne-Louise Quinton  / Camera: Irena Czumaj-Szesny (USA)

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