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Random Project 2012


The Random Project 2012 showcases a growing collection of postcards which are created by everybody. These celebrate the spirit of London 2012 and enable us to visually document the shared cultural experience as the year unfolds – we are all the artists-in-residence for a historic year.


The Random Project Summer 2012 Exhibition took place at Rich Mix in London from 2nd – 19th August. Read more…


The project is open to everybody to take part in; from artists to school children to athletes. Each postcard is designed in response to a randomly assigned word relating to either 2012, London or the Olympics. The Random Project 2012 is a not-for-profit project initiated and organised by graphic designer Sarah Hyndman.

If you would like to join in and create a postcard please email word@random-project.co.uk with a number between 1 and 100. You will be sent your word along with full instructions.

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We’ve received Random postcards by Alan Kitching, Alan Rickman, Andy Altmann, Ed Fella, Harriet Russell, Ken Garland, Mandatory ThinkingMette-Sofie D. Ambeck, Mike Nicholson, Ralph Steadman, Rude, Sienna age 10 3/4, Stefan SagmeisterWally Olins to name just a few.

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Postcards shown Neighbourhood: Alan Kitching, London: Jeff Pyrah, London: Ursula Horton, British: Ralph Steadman.
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